The Power of Two Colors
28 Jan, 2016. 0 Comments. Colors, Saving Money, Software Tips. Posted By: Tina DeJarld

How many colors do you see in the image above? If you answered two, you’re right.

Two-color printing is budget-friendly and less limiting than you might think. By mixing two inks, you can achieve a variety of hues and tones. And photos don’t have to be black and white — duotones are a great way to add interest to images.

Now it’s easier than ever to design a two-color piece, either in InDesign or QuarkXPress. These programs allow you to create color swatches based on two spot colors or one spot color and black.

InDesign calls this technique Mixed Inks. It’s in the fly-out menu of the Swatches panel. You can create mixes one at time or let InDesign do the work and create a whole set of swatches automatically (called a Mixed Ink Group). In QuarkXPress, this technique is called Multi-Ink and can be found in the New Color dialog box.

For a helpful guide from Sappi Paper on creating duotones, click here.

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