Mar 15
Color Matching Systems
15 Mar, 2016. 0 Comments. Colors, Resources. Posted By: Tina DeJarld
Great background info to understand using color in design. Thanks Print Magazine!
Mar 10
For Process Colors, Look Beyond Pantone
10 Mar, 2016. 0 Comments. Colors, Resources, Software Tips. Posted By: Tina DeJarld
Of course, if your project is printing in spot color inks (2 or 3 color for example), spot colors like Pantone are what you want. But for 4-color process jobs (CMYK inks), not so much. In that case, we have one piece of advice: Step away from the Pantones! Most people default to the Pantone (PMS) library because it’s very familiar and the most well-known color system. Some PMS colors render fairly accurately when converted to CMYK equivalents, but most don’t. A better option is the process color-based TRUMATCH® system. We see several advantages to TRUMATCH: • It’s more accurate.…
Jan 28
The Power of Two Colors
How many colors do you see in the image above? If you answered two, you’re right. Two-color printing is budget-friendly and less limiting than you might think. By mixing two inks, you can achieve a variety of hues and tones. And photos don’t have to be black and white — duotones are a great way to add interest to images. Now it’s easier than ever to design a two-color piece, either in InDesign or QuarkXPress. These programs allow you to create color swatches based on two spot colors or one spot color and black. InDesign calls this technique Mixed…