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Printing secure exams is not for the faint of heart. That’s why so few printers offer this service.

The nation’s first standardized tests rolled off our presses in the 1940s. Since then, Chicago Press has paved the way in this printing specialty.

Our clients know they are getting the highest standards when it comes to quality control, accuracy and security, even on the most complex projects.

This includes:

  • Highly secure file upload with bank-level file encryption
  • An isolated, closed-loop electronic pre-press process — and archiving system — to eliminate outside tampering or other compromise
  • A barcode signature system on our saddle-stitcher to prevent mixed or missing pages in finished books
  • A scan and verification system for all tests
  • A precise check-weighing scale in our shrink-wrapping system to validate each package before it is prepared for delivery
  • Drop-shipping right from our plant; no handling by outside agents
  • A coded and monitored electronic key entry system for all employees
  • Secure, locked storage of work in progress as well as completed jobs
  • Immediate shredding and destruction of waste paper
  • Secure destruction and recycling of printing plates after completion of each job

Chicago Press has printed more than 300 million secure tests, exams and surveys. We’d love the opportunity to work on yours!